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Daniel & Ramirez Endobrow Instruments

Endobrow instruments for endoscopic surgery are available now.

Black & Black Surgical's Endobrow & instruments are top quality, German manufactured, in a variety of ergonomic patterns.

About Us

Black & Black Surgical, Inc: Bringing Innovation to Market

Black & Black Surgical, Inc. was started in 2007 with the intention of restoring innovative, quality instrumentation to the plastic surgery instrument market. With over 90 years of combined surgical experience, brothers Norman and Bill Black and partner Mike Lacey are fulfilling a need overlooked by multibillion-dollar corporations: to work closely with surgeons to develop superior, procedure-specific instrumentation and equipment at a fair price.

Serving surgeons who value results

Our company seeks to provide quality instruments and superior service to plastic surgeons, cosmetic plastic surgeons, and facial plastic surgeons who value perfect and precise results for their patients. Whether a surgeon is just starting his practice or endeavoring to improve his techniques and add new procedures to an established repertoire, our products will meet his specific surgical needs.

Improving instrumentation in close partnership with surgeons

Distributors and manufacturers have gradually lost their sense of innovation as the surgical industry has grown. Increasingly removed from the doctors and patients they serve, large companies have streamlined operations at the expense of focused advances in instrumentation. In contrast, Black & Black seeks to serve as a sounding board for surgeons so that their needs are met and their expectations for the finest surgical instrumentation are exceeded.

Featured Instruments

Ramirez Endoforehead Temporal Line "T" Dissector #4

Ramirez Endoforehead Temporal Line 'T' Dissector #4

The Ramirez Endofacelift instruments have been developed to facilitate new endoscopic aesthetic surgical procedures. Each instrument is shaped to fit facial contours and designed for specific surgical maneuvers. Dissectors are sequentially numbered in order of use for easier identification and feature ergonomically designed handles for greater comfort and control. The versatility of the set allows the surgeon to perform an endoscopic forehead, face lift or both procedures combined.

Daniel Endoforehead Scissors, Curved, Straight Shaft, Malleable

Daniel Endoforehead Scissors, Curved, Straight Shaft, Malleable

The Daniel Endoforehead and Endofacelift instruments have been developed to facilitate new endoscopic aesthetic surgical procedures. Each instrument is fitted with a malleable shaft allowing the instrument to be shaped to fit facial contours. The curvatures and tips are specifically crafted to provide tactile feedback while operating within the two-dimensional world of the video screen. These minimally invasive instruments, combined with new visualization technology, have made possible revolutionary advances in aesthetic surgery.

Designed for manipulation and cauterization. Special atraumatic jaws allow traction as well as grasping of transected vessels. Intact vessels are atraumatically retracted while the insulated shaft permits cauterization without damage to surrounding tissues.